The Universe

I’ve always been told to listen to my heart, or follow my intuition, but I don’t think I actually understood that. I would nod and comply. ‘OK, sure…” Then continue on with the thoughts that pop up which you have no idea aren’t even your thoughts most of the time. These thoughts are values, ideals, and beliefs formed by the people in your life. Most people don’t understand or know themselves enough to quiet the mind long enough to allow intuition and guidance to help you through your journey.

What I actually heard when told to follow my heart was,”Your intuition is something imaginary, and since we can’t see it, it’s not valid.” With that in mind, I just did what I thought other people wanted me to do. Growing up, most millennial are bombarded with stimulating images of materialistic things attached to promises of happiness, If we just gained more “things”, got more money, wore the best clothes, were rich, and successful, then well be happy. This was embedded as gospel in our suggestive developing brain.

This is what adults and society tells us, so it can’t be wrong. I absolutely want to be successful but not at the expense of my health and happiness. Finding true happiness is sometimes difficult because we are living on autopilot, and we miss the happiest moments the Universe sends to us.

It’s not about clothes, money, being flashy, having cars, true happiness is my daughters genuine smile, her unfiltered honesty, and her brilliant mind. Her happiness. It is our true nature to make and serve others. Thats what really develops happiness.

I get sad when things don’t go the way I want them to, but its the universe’s way of telling you that its not right. Most people ignore this alarm in the pit of their stomach which alerts them to making the right choices(especially me). The Universe will guide you and always guides you, its up to you to listen. Truly listen with your heart (I know cheesy). Your body and the universe have never steered you wrong. You’ve steered you wrong. You listened to mind clutter instead of The Universe. The universe is the perfect creation of nature and babies and cells. If creation, life and existence, are a manifestation of the Universe at it’s finest, then why not listen to it. I mean The Universe creates miracles in the form of babies and children and animals. As we become adults, we lose sight of this gift. Sometimes people spend their entire lives searching for their purpose when its been right there in front of them the entire time. They never took the time to declutter their mind to allow the universe to communicate and guide them.

A person will sit at work and miserably do what they were told is what they are supposed to do day in and day out. If you’re miserable, take a step back and evaluate your situation. Is this what you are supposed to be doing? Just because someone said you have to work hard at a repetitive job day in and day out to survive in society today doesn’t mean they’re right. You’re the one living the human experience, what do you want to do? In my belief, society is detached and depressed because people aren’t listening to themselves. Bombarded with direction and opinions, we hardly get a chance to look at ourselves and realize what we want out of life. It’s time to wake up and realize, you truly have the power within to direct your life the way you want. Stop living a simulation, get into your physical body and use all the gifts given to you. Have gratitude and serve others, this is a sure way to gain awareness.

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ехсеllеnt timе tо find thе lаdу аnd thе sеа hоlidау уоu will рrоbаbilitу hеrе. -- ехсеllеnt timе tо find thе lаdу аnd thе sеа hоlidау уоu will рrоbаbilitу hеrе.

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