Butterflies Aren’t just for Looks

The most vulnerable person I know tried to act tough sometimes. This is just a facade you see, for into the abyss of her mind lies rebuttles, defenses, and drive. You may think it serves well to have such positive perserverence, but you see this too presents as camouflage like a snake to a tree as you reach to pull the fruit, it remains in disguise. It truly is more afraid then you, smarter though it remains quiet. Too close you get and it must lash out with sharp poisonous teeth. Those teeth, so familiar yet an unfamiliar stranger, a dark shadow before you. What is hidden is locked, the key lost, the effort non existent.

The strongest person I know sometimes fell pray to a weakness. Even the strength of a thousand men can’t stop the force of the inevitable. Strength is both outward and inward, for the need is great but the rope short and the long miles before her seem forever.

The loudest person sometimes speaks in a silent whisper. To gain the unattainable recognition of those heads in the croud. The ones whos importance rains like snow on warm days. She draws focus to herself with ease for her beauty is noticeable and her words like thunder. Just like thunder draws the rain, she draws the eyes of the seasons. She wishes to hold the eyes of a queen but the queen too busy doing queen like things so she must dance around her abd entertain her until the queen is tied of doing queen like things.

Healing the Mind, Body, and Soul…

The way the mind interprets ourselves is huge. This is based on our past experiences, our genetics, our confidence and influences. Past experiences, and holding on to our baggage can really ruin us. Past issues can’t be ignored or just forgotten, try and you will not succeed. These issues have to be dealt with in order to move forward in life. The anxiety this will cause will ultimately hold you back in life. Let go of these burdens by getting the help you so desperately need. Whether you are angry that your parent left you, angry about childhood molestation, had a terrible divorce, lost a loved one. I encourage every person dealing or struggling with some serious issues to truly seek out the help that is needed. Talk it out or you will eventually hit that self destruct button one too many times.You have to free yourself of your anxieties, your insecurities and you will feel renewed.adobestock_185962962_preview1I found that giving my life to God and following the word of our Holy Father, makes my life fulfilled. I also have found that talking to my friends and family about my past issues, helps lighten some if the weight of the baggage I carry. I enjoy painting as a means of stress relief. I’ve also found practicing yoga to be beneficial for both my mind and body.

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What is truly living?

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First I’d like to dedicate this site to anyone who is lost in the darkness of depression. May you find the light of God who will lead you to salvation and true inner peace.

Requesting an introverted personality type to get out and go see a doctor is an enormous feet.  These people have so much fear and anxiety, the thought alone creates false beliefs that initiate a chain reaction. These false beliefs create more anxiety which then may lead to bodily sensations of ailments, body ache, headaches, and indigestion, or even skin issues.  There is a direct link between mind and body. This site is about finding a healthy balance between mind body and soul. I’m a believer of the idea that if your mind isn’t healthy, your body and soul won’t be healthy. The body is a physical representation of what’s happening within ourselves, in our minds and in our lives. Anxieties, insecurities, and unhealthy thoughts always find a way to manafest itself outwardly if not properly handled. It could present as a disease, an ache, a pain, a disability, or a bad feeling. I want to help anyone be the best they can possibly be by living a healthier, happier life, and letting their inner anxieties go. No, it’s not about changing yourself completely into a new person but changing the things around you as well as your unhealthy habits so you may understand how to adapt to a more healthy way of living. Skeptics indicate the need for a rebirth but the task of starting new is monumental for someone undergoing life trauma.

Take time today to listen to yourself and remember your life goals, your ambitions. Take time to remember all your accomplishments and acknowledge yourself for them.

Let go of your failures just tell yourself, “I made a mistake, it’s ok. I’m going to stop fretting over my failures and let go of my insecurities. No one is perfect and that’s the way the world is meant to be.” True perfection only exists within the infinite boundaries of our perception of ourselves and in perspective of the universe of our minds.

You’re the boss of your life, start living!


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