The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is an extremely important component to healthy living. People often find themselves stuck in a cycle of unhealthy sleep patterns and find out difficult to break out of that cycle.

It’s much easier to talk about setting yourself a bedtime but going to bed at a reasonable hour is a different story. I’ve tried everything, just kidding….I really haven’t worked on getting to bed on time very hard. It’s so easy to fall out of routine when you are out of work or if you work night shift. Many studies have been done on people who work night shift. From what I can recall, I know women who work nights have a harder time with conception, and rates of depression in people who work nights is higher than those who are up during the day. Interrupting the circadian rhythm can really have dramatic effects on our health.

Our bodies internal clock is called the Circadian Rhythm. This is our biological sleep/wake cycle. Research has determined that human beings required 8 hrs of sleep per night. I meant people including myself don’t get that much. During the night, while you sleep, your body releases the chemical melatonin which aids in helping us fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

Check out the diagram I copied from Google about a typical circadian Rhythm.

Wow that’s not me at all. Mines more like: 12am-thinking of going to bed
2am: shower/bed
6am: deepest sleep
8am:still sleeping
10am: the dog wakes me up
12pm: I’m up
2pm: doing some work around the house
4pm: relax
6pm: thinking about making dinner
8pm: making dinner
10pm: having dinner
Horrible! I’m making the changes with you. I want people to work on these issues along with me.

National sleep foundation

Daily Yoga Getting out of The Funk

Good Morning everyone,

Thanks for visiting my site, I want to tell you that I seriously need to do something different for my life. I’ve been so unbelievably depressed for the last 3 months, I’ve literally slept the past 3 months away. I lost my job in May 2019, and haven’t had any luck with a new job. I have been on this roller coaster of emotions, and trying to handle my mental health and medications without having to go to a doctor has been really difficult. It’s not working. I need to do something different. Today, I’m getting up and starting my day with breakfast, then a motivational speech, meditation and yoga.

I love Yoga with Adriene, she’s very smart and witty, and she understands the ins and outs of yoga and how it relates to you as a beginner or as s person who has back problems, headaches, depression…anything you need. If you have a favorite yogi, by all means…. Let’s do it.

Nurses and trash

While working in the medical field I observe an over abundant amount of waste produced ever single day. Each patient when preparing for medications,(a primary component of the medical field) gets a brand new styrofoam or plastic cups each time , sometimes they get more than one, depending on the situation(dropped the cup, threw away and had more coming) . One single day holds on average 3 medication passes and the number of patients can range from 1 to 80 depending on the medical facility acuity. THIS needs to CHANGE. Nurses could start using the patients own water pitcher and refilling it several times a day will eliminate the over consumption of plastic and styrofoam cups. Most don’t care enough or don’t think about the amount of waste production the medical facility creates on a single day. Trash is simply something that is out of sight out of mind unfortunately.

Completing the medication administration, these cups go immediately into the trash. A typical nursing home, one nurse can have as many as 25 patients. So 25(PT)x3(MP)=75 for one section. Most nursing homes have about 4 nurses working a section. If all nurses had the same number of residents, the number of pt would increase to 100(PT)x3(MP)=300 cups per day used by only the patients. this doesn’t mention, the staff that come by and grab a new cup each time they need a drink, or how often the nurse gets a new cup. 300 cups per day is 2100 cups/wk, or 8400 cups per month. OMG! 8,400 plastic cups per month get wasted by one medical facility. Thats 8,400 more cups in the landfill each month. Thats scary. What about the 2000 nursing homes in Ohio would generate 1,680,000 cups added to landfill per month only in Ohio. I’m only guessing at the number of facilities in Ohio.

Due to guidelines and infection control practices, single use medical equipment is very common. I suppose this is good for sick patients but when is it too much? Why can’t nurses and patients be required to use the patients personal water containers they receive upon admission? It would be nice to ban these one-use plastic and styrofoam cups, utensils, straws.

The use of plastic depends for incontinence, Ave incontinence supplies, plastic medical equipment, small plastic medicine cups, plastic straws, plastic medication containers, plastic spoons, plastic food containers, plastic pill bottles, plastic tubing, plastic oxygen concentrator, plastic IV bags, plastic IV catheters, and I could go on but you get the point. All this gets disposed on a monumental level on a daily basis.

In the past, surgical medical equipment was made of solid durable metal that would be sterilized via through the autoclave method. This method is still widely used today but the rate of consumer waste and consumption in the medical field, continues to be a major problem. Medical surgical equipment is many times single use now and plastic. It is cheaper and gaurenteed sterile. However, in several years, with waste production and air pollution an inevitable danger, healthcare will have to increase their demand as people’s health continues to decline from severe pollution of our economy, polluted water, air, dying off of wild life, deforestation. It’s all very iminent.

Making the decision to change one thing about the way you consume or dispose can make a very dramatic change for the good of our world. Think about how your industry is contributing to the good of our economy and see what you can do to change it for the better. Be the voice of change. Before throwing AWAY, think about another use for that disposal item. Don’t buy things you don’t need, and think about it before you buy. Do you really need this or is it just something you want? Will this item be relevant in 10 years because it most likely will still be around.

Our economy is suffering and so is wildlife. We are meant to live in the world cohabitating with nature and wildlife but the unfortunate factor is that we are more concerned about what were can get, consume, order, buy, own, ship then the state of our world. Most believe, “out of sight out of mind” is acceptable. At the rate we’re throwing away out of sight will not last long and throwing AWAY will be too close for comfort.

Help reduce plastic waste

Questions for Mind, Body and Soul Awareness

Take a moment to close your eyes and embrace complete silence. Take a deep breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.

1.) What 3 words describe how I feel right now?

2.) What is the biggest problem or hurdle in my life right now?

3.) What is going really well for me in my life right now?

4.) If I could change anything about my life what would it be?

5.) What really bothers me about my life right now?

6.) What is one thing I can do to improve my life for today?

7.) What things do I love about myself?

8.) What is the most important focus of my life right now?

9.) What lessons have I learned this past month?

10.) What is draining my energy the most right now? Is there something I can do to fix or remedy this?

11.) What gets me excited about life? Is there a way I can bring more of this energy into my daily routine?

12.) What do I need to heal in my body right now? Are there steps I can take to make this happen?

13.) What is something that I have always wanted to do or try?

14.) If I could get something off my chest or express myself what would I say and to whom?

15.) When was the last time I felt truly alive and in love with my life?

16.) Who really matters the most to me in my life and how can I show my appreciation?

17.) What are some things that I feel truly grateful for right now?

18.) What is one positive action I can do for myself right now?

19.) What is my biggest fear right now?

20.) What advice would I give to my younger self? Can I follow this advice right now?

21.) What would make me happy right now?

22.) What is the most loving thing I can do for myself in this moment?

Post your responses in the comment box below. You owe this to yourself to gain a better understanding of your inner feelings and thoughts.

Getting Over Depression

As a small child I recall depression having a sinister darkness about it, as it forcefully slithered into my innocent life. Unable to yield the vile disregard for the lack of life-experience I encompassed, I seemed to be a prime target. The day was grey and the trees were black dead pieces of bark, stuck inside oxygen deprived mossy pond water on the day darkness came. My main escape from its evil clutches was my mother, but she was rarely their, and when I cried for her she didn’t come. What’s a father? I never knew. I guess thats why the darkness came. The world is overwhelmingly vast when you’re small and everything is so unbelievably frightening.

The broken bottles lie scattered in what appears to be a trillion jagged pieces on the side of the road. A beverage truck must have had a bad accident right here, my eldest sisters voice, that sentence, cling to me like the darkness creeps. The scene is colossal to me and I’m scared, but I don’t say anything. No one answered when I cried so no one will answer when I’m scared, I predict. So hold it in, stuff it, eventually it will just get so far away it will disappear.

That cave, and the darkness that lives there, and I’m scared of it and the man inside. I just have remain obedient and tranquil. I want my mom but she left me here and wont be back for a really long time. So I stuff it, I hide it, maybe if I push this one back further, it will disintegrate like it didn’t really happen, I predict. The hunger pain, it isn’t real, stuff it. I miss my mom, she’s gone, this time forever. I’m scared, I’m sad, I guess this is life, I’ll just stuff it.

What is suffering? I didn’t know, it was just life to me. I didn’t cry, I didn’t wine, I didn’t pout or feel sorry for myself. I didn’t know there was anything other than this. I simply just lived and survived and felt blessed when I had food, and prayed when I didn’t, did as I was told and never questioned life.

So here it is, all the many reasons for darkness to be in my life condensed down to small paragraphs. I realize now that I’m bigger than the darkness. I’m better than the darkness, and I know ways to beat the darkness. Somewhere between my later childhood and now I’ve learned that crying, feeling sorry for myself, and wining will somehow make things better. I know I’m wrong, because I’m 33 and it hasn’t made the pain any better. If anything it’s made it more intense. All these learned behaviors are my reasons for keeping darkness locked inside. Maybe the fact that I now understand suffering and feel for my childhood, is why darkness stays. Why do I cry and feel sadness for my child self now but during the time spent as my child self, I didn’t dream of feeling sorry for myself. I was stronger as a child than I am now because I continue to carry this darkness around with me, but as a child the darkness tried to force itself in but I pushed it away. There was no real darkness, it was just life and I just dealt with it. It’s time for the darkness to leave because I’m going to be ok. I survived my childhood because I was meant to and because God loves me.

Darkness get out, you aren’t welcome. My child self is ok because she had God. My child self refused to let you in because she was strong. I let you in because I was weak. I refuse to give into weakness any longer so get out, and take your sadness with you, I don’t have time for it. You belittle me and make me ashamed of myself. You take my energy and in return make me cry about things I have no control over. Your reign over my adult life is over. Goodbye Darkness, you’ve overstayed your intrusion. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

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