The Sun Just Is

To regain the sanity previously possessed by mind requires letting go of understanding why the Sun Just Is. My mind returns to the physical but desperately clings to the spiritual. A struggle within, I pray, will give way to insight of truth.

Scripture recalls the need to live within the spirit rather then surviving in flesh. Living within the spirit is abundance with Jesus Christ. The world claims faith but insists on pushing materials to the surface. To be without, creates criticism from others. This my empty belief, even empty space is abound with loving energy.

Experiences lie within the temple and the evidence of untruth hides behind glass lenses. To exist for admiration of others through negatives confesses insecurities and lack. I must refrain from judgement as it deceives the mind of its true value. Rather I provide awareness out of love and understanding. Within life, moments matter. Stand in the now, make use of the senses. Allow your mind to hold the gift of this very moment. The future remains life’s prediction in flesh. To spirit, the destiny is within the hands of those not afraid to pronounce God’s love. Nothing greater exists.


Residing within a frail glass house, the sightless man finds contentment in all he can’t see. One would surely worry themselves over the mans safety as blindness invites the possibility of injury within. Although he remains obedient to laws, a child does what he is told. Only causing damage to this and that.

Disregard submergence of form in the fragility around him, he walks in darkness and his journey experienced is confined to the physical. Love’s vain attempts at guidance to awaken are harshly deflected and land on the broken glass for which he stands. Pain is present but to consent means acknowledging incompleteness, and realizing HE is only an idea created by the loving kindness of souls closely intertwined. A task dismissed by most, for acceptance is frightening and bestows the surreal enigma that is our truth. Over time however, the broken will all connect and make way for energy in new form.

I pray for his clarity to allow the influential perception that one is never without the other in this physical world. Nothing visible can be present without creation from the invisible. Broken glass can not be made new without every shattered piece and the brilliant mind of an artist.

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Dr. Wayne Dyer was an exceptional human with incredible luminescent knowledge of the physical human life. He devoted his entire adult life teaching others to look inward for the answers to life’s mysteries. Most of society today is unaware and blind to the notion or idea of The Law of Attraction. It took me 30 years to arrive at the doorway of this theory. It is without a doubt the most meaningful and impactful piece of information I’ve encountered. It’s the most honest and real piece of knowledge I’ve gained yet. I hope to open others to this realization so they too can live their best life. So many classmates lost to the heroin epidemic simply because they didn’t feel worthy and were lost. Brought up in a society where we expect things to be a certain way, only to find our expectations crushed under societies stigmatism and reality. I wish they too understood that they can live whatever life they want to and true happiness is found within ourselves and the love we encounter on our journeys.


Google defines plastic as “a synthetic material made from a wide range of organic polymers such as polyethylene, PVC, nylon, etc., that can be molded into shape while soft and then set into a rigid or slightly elastic form.”

I define plastic as a synthetic material that can be made cheaply and sold to consumers to use once, then trash and place in the environment so it can pollute the earth for the next 1000 years.

The thought of having small invisible plastic all over the environment seems somewhat inconsequential to society as we truly are a society of believers in,”Out of sight out of mind.”

Although out of sight, plastic is definitely not illusive. We consume these tiny particles on a daily basis. I just recently received an emergency alert stating that micriplastics were found in tea bags that were in circulation in or economy. That’s comforting….Makes me wonder where else plastic is hidden and how much is getting into our systems?

The link below was pulled from I did not write the following article.

Microplastics A macroproblem

As you may know, plastic degrades (breaks down into pieces), but it doesn’t biodegrade (break down through natural decomposition). This becomes a problem over time, as all of the plastic pieces we’ve generated over the last seven decades are steadily turning the sea into a gloopyplastic chowder.

Plastic pieces come from all over the place: the sources you’d imagine such as bags, bottles, and plastic utensils, but also face washes, children’s toys, nylon ropes, and even your regular load of laundry can release millions of tiny plastic microfibers into the water system (did you know that polyester is a plastic?).

Those small pieces of plastic become increasingly toxic by absorbing other contaminants from municipal and agricultural runoff. Marine creatures mistake large and small pieces for food, which passes plastics up the food chain to more unfortunate animals until it reaches us.

And don’t think you’re safe by just avoiding seafood. The food chain is more complex than “small fish to bigger fish to human.” It includes sea birds, mollusks, marine mammals, and the variety of animals that prey along coasts. The food chain is becoming so permeated with plastics, some pollution has likely already made its way to your dinner plate.

Knowing that makes you want to join the fight against plastic pollution, doesn’t it? Here are 10 things you can do to help protect earth against plastic pollution:


  • Avoid products with known microplasticslike microbeads in face washes and toothpastes.
  • Stop using single-use plastics like straws, plastic shopping bags, and plastic drink cups. Think reusable!
  • Cut out plastic in your consumption choices wherever you can. One easy switch is to buy soda in aluminum cans instead of plastic bottles. Start with one change at a time to make them stick.
  • If you own a business, choose sustainable packaging.
  • Write a letter asking your preferred companies to use sustainable packaging. You can also write to your city to advocate for a plastic bag ban. Try a form letter to help you get started.
  • Strategically do your laundry. Try to make your synthetic clothes last as long as possible between washes to avoid microfiber pollution. Air them out in the sun or dust with baking soda to help absorb smells.
  • Vote for legislation that puts bans or taxes on plastics.
  • Join protests against plastic factory pollution.
  • Recycle. Start recycling in your community; support recycling in your community; tell your recycling center how much you appreciate their work. Take a tour of your local recycling facility to learn how they work and what materials they do and don’t accept.
  • Spread the word. Your friends, family, students, and co-workers joining our efforts will have an even greater impact! For some kid-friendly ocean pollution education, check out Nat Geo Kids.

Support the SCA as we support interns doing field research on this very issue. Two SCA interns joined the Escambia County Marine Resources Division to collect, analyze, and find solutions to the problem of marine debris. Want to get involved yourself? Find ways to serve here.

Everything is an ILLUSION

All that is, was once new to someone else. Someone had to name these things, so he/she did. So an ordinary person just like me decided to call the color we perceive as red, red. Why not call it pink? We grow up being told this is what this is. Why is that person who named these things any more important and given the right to name things and now thats what it just is.

My daughter asked me the other day, “is it true that numbers never end?” I said “yes.” So she said, “whats after a trillion?” I said, “quadrillion.”

” So if numbers never end, then theres a number called Dog? “

“yep if you keep attaching names to the numbers, one number would have to be called Dog”


Medication Recall

Losartan is a blood pressure medication used by healthcare professionals in the treatment of high blood pressure. Yesterday 10/3/2019, a manufacturing pharmaceutical company put out a recall notice on the drug as it contained a chemical called NMBA (N-methylnitrosobutric acid). I’ve never heard of the chemical compound before so I turned to my trusted google search engine. Much to my surprise however, only information on this chemical that related to this medication recall. It also mentions that it could POSSIBLY be a carcinogen. Closest chemical I could find online is Methylnitrosobiuret(Compound). The only thing i could find out about that compound is that it caused tumor growth(Leukemia) in mice.

How do you accidentally contaminate thousands of medications with a compound that is most likely a carcinogen? The methylnitrosobiuret compound is lacking the nitrogen group to the compound and it seems to me due to the extreme lack of information, research and study on NMBA, this is a newly discovered chemical. It’s structure is similar methylnitrosobuiret and so they are assuming it behaves similarly as well and has similar effects on humans as mice. I believe the actual chemical that is the contaminant, is dangerous and used in labs to produce tumors in mice for research purposes.

I’m sure it was a glitch but something as important as a medication that is going into circulation all around the world, should be monitored more closely in my opinion. This is interesting, I wonder how close to the original compound this impurity, as they call it, is. Did it have to be added or was it a different type of error? Did someone do the math wrong? Did they accidentally add too much nitrogen, methyline or another chemical? hmmmmm…

N-Methylnitrosobutric ACID

A carcinogen that causes tumors and gene mutation. Found in medication Losrtan(Cozar). Used to induce tumors in mice to find in certain medications would be effective in treating. The result showed median survival.

1-Methyl-1-nitrosobiuret (Substance)

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