Thoughts during Spiritual Awakening

Diseases are ailments to the human body that afflict us, set us back and make us feel bad. When we have a virus, (we’ve been told) the virus makes us sick, we in turn react and decline in function. Diseases are rampant these days because we feel we have no control over these things. That’s where I believe the ambiguity of the experience is lost. We have all the control. Nothing is ever started without a thought into it primarily. Ideas come from thoughts. The idea that we are unhappy sets off a chain of events in our consciousness, making us believe we aren’t optimal, therefore we give into the feeling and belief. We submit to it and believe it. When we believe something, even subconsciously, (especially subconsciously) we become that belief. That is how life works in my opinion. You have to try to get on the other side of the glass to understand this topic truly otherwise you will just think I’m spinning my wheels or crazy. The difference between organic human beings and computers is consciousness, movement and body goes without question. I understand consciousness to be the ability to understand we are thinking and we can feel. What if we made the computer think that it has a conscious and can feel. Make it react to specific situations and release certain (microtransmitters) to stimulate that emotion. This would in essence create the consciousness for the computer.


I was always told I was so sick when I was a child, so I believed it. I stayed sick all the time. As an adult, I decided I was no longer going to be sick or fall to the idea that illnesses and diseases are generated in the environment. They come from inside of us. Like the computer gets a virus, someone created the idea of a program that can take down a computer’s hard-drive. That person who created that virus would be the creator. Everything inside a computer was created by a greater power.