Meditation Changed My Life

At the age of 30, I had a nervous breakdown. I had been a nurse for my entire adult life but secretly miserable and self medicating to numb the pain. Thinking back I already knew where my life was going after that nervous breakdown and I was so scared. I had always had a security blanket of cash flow from working my entire life. What I didn’t realize at that time was that no amount of money will fix my life, my thinking, my poor choices. It was up to me to fix it.

I stumbled upon a mindvalley lecture with Vishen Lakhaina and immediately was drawn to what he was saying. He was able to breakdown life in a way no one else had done for me before. He explained how meditation has a mysterious way of literally fixing your life. This seemed too good to be true to me but I was willing to try anything.

WOW!! Things started going the way I wanted it to. Things started making sense. I wasn’t tormented by my thoughts any longer. I could control my thoughts and say the things I wanted to say. I resisted so much but kept fighting through. I realized I’d been living the life I thought other people wanted me to live, not the life I wanted to live and through meditation and becoming aligned, things began to flow without resistance. I became happy. I truly recommend meditation for anyone and everyone. It has been known to cure Chronic diseases, and anxiety. People have gotten off their meds, and soooo much good stuff I can’t even find the words. Check out this video.