Distraction during Meditation

If your mind starts to wander during meditation, you are not alone – welcome to the club! I gave up meditation so many times because I couldn’t “empty my mind”, which I thought was the goal of meditation. Now I know this is not true. Distractions of the mind are okay!
Over the last 4 years though, I have been able to “manage” my distractions better, and also reduce the number of times I get distracted – all thanks to what I have learned from books, articles and classes – both Western and Eastern. I feel that I am better at meditation because of that.
I don’t want to keep this knowledge to myself, I want to share it with others so they can benefit from it as well. With that intention, I have made this short video about four things I do to manage and reduce my thoughts while meditating.
My sincere hope is that it helps you on your meditation journey. Have a mindful day!


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