The idea in which objects behavioral outcome is dependent on a higher force is consciousness. Everything is measured by our perception. In my opinion, our minds are so conditioned to believe things about our environment which are ideas and theories of a grandios society. I feel like I was trained to believe I couldn’t possibly begin to understand such a philosophical concept and apply it to life. Once I took a deeper look however, I realized I was the one who set the standards, not anyone else. Society did a marvelous job training me, and the growth from this point in hindsight appears exponential. Ideas which are transparent and can only be understood by quieting the mind and is applicable by anyone who tries. All I did was learn to control my mind, everything around me started to fall into place and my mind opened up to a beautiful new reality. A reality I create daily.

The belief that life itself is a constant repetition of vibrational frequencies is hard to digest when viewing the the words in a physical sense. A vibrational frequency…

Vibrations, when conceptualized by only a physical mind, a mind which can only understand what it can feel with the senses, will view vibrational frequencies as what is felt on a table when the bass is maxed out. You can’t see the actual vibration in the air but you can feel its effect on a table. When in a mind which is open to the thought that all things are a physical representation of a deeper field or energy or spirit, the possibilities are endless. I’ve become so bogged down with the theories and ideas of quantum physics because I understand what the scientists are trying to say. Prior to meditation, I didn’t even try to understand because my mind clutter told me I couldn’t understand.

What I now know is that all matter is repetition of protons, neutrons, and electrons moving around their field, creating a type of vibration. Inside an atom is the nucleus which is made of positive and negative protons and electrons. The nucleus itself is mostly empty space along with the field of electrons, neutrons and protons. So, essentially all matter is made of empty space. We create things with our consciousness. All matter exists by virtue of a force. The idea that our consciousness effects the physical environment is so deep most people can’t conceptualize it. It’s too deep, and searching for an answer implies theres something more. If our consciousness determines the outcome of an event, who’s consciousness determines our existence?