What am I supposed to do?

Bombarded by the environment, the desires and needs of others. Within me, a small light attempts to shine but is set aside for the needs of others. Happiness is brought when we make room for others and give others. The light refuses to hide so it shines more brightly to illuminate the path for others. … Continue reading What am I supposed to do?

Meditation Classes for the Less Focused

Meditation promises many great health benefits such as:increased awareness, mindfulness, decreased anxietyincreased energyfeeling joyfulspiritual enlightmentdecline in dependence of pharmaceutical medicationBetter relationshipsMore confidenceIncreased Neurological connectivity decreased painHealing Peace and serenityUnderstanding The problem lies within our minds. We often lack the patience and discipline to focus long enough to capture the amazing benefits meditation has to offer. … Continue reading Meditation Classes for the Less Focused