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A temple we visited while in Sri Lanka.
We today, in the Western world, are very often more busy than we can actually handle. We are constantly on the go, trying to get more done in less time, often losing sight of our ultimate purpose as well as the things that truly matter to us.
Committing to some sort of spiritual practice helps me slow down. It allows me to tune into my inner being, how I FEEL, and what I need in the present moment. It asks me to tune into my breathing.
I know I have overstretched when my breathing is out of sync. It tells me to take a step back, reflect and reevaluate. It questions whether what I’m focusing my energies on is what really matters? It asks whether I am giving my body the respect it deserves. My body that carries me forward day in and day out. Is it being nurtured and nourished the way it needs to so it can renew and regenerate positive life-affirming energies?
I used to be able to push and push until I could no longer go further. The consequences however, were adverse. My body was responding to the lack of respect and gratitude I was showing it.
I would try to rationalize every decision I had to make, unable to get in touch with my intuition about how I actually felt about the situation.
Slowing down allowed for things to change. As I tuned into my body, I recognized the neglect. The need to detox and re-center was very clear. I strongly believe that our bodies, during our precious time on mother earth, are a vessel for messages from the universe and/or a higher power. When our energies out of sync and detached from our inner being were are unable to tune into the power of the universe trying to root for us.
We are often too focused on the obstacle presented to us that we are unable to see the lesson we are meant to learn from it at that precise moment in time. Rather we are often looking for a strategy to fast forward past that obstacle without realizing that the only way out is through. Every time we try to skip past a certain obstacle, it will be presented to us in one form or another at an alternate stage of life.
As I meditated, I could hear and feel the magic the universe was bestowing upon me. I started to live more consciously, with an open heart, mind, body and soul. I could feel the change in energy. I felt lighter, with more gratitude. My creative abilities have been amplified.
My menstrual cycle has synced with the New Moon, signaling alignment with the White Women cycle. I can sense that my body is in alignment with the rhythm of Mother Earth’s natural cycles of fertility and creation.
Knowing how good it feels to be in alignment with mind, body and soul, I no longer push myself past my known limits. I know I produce best when in alignment with my inner being and the universe. The more I respect and honor this understanding, the more I reap the benefits of it.
Knowing that there is a higher power watching over me with love and compassion has allowed me to let go of the myth of certainty and control I used to carry with me. I strongly believe that whatever is meant to be will find its way to me at the right time. I know that there is force greater than me working on my life plan and that I can let go of the need to figure it all out right now and here.
Rather when I sit back and enjoy the journey, learning life’s lessons along the way, all that I need continues to flow into my life with grace, ease and lightness.
So while all of this change has triggered a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, it has also opened my eyes to a higher perspective and resulted in a worthwhile change in my overall attitude and approach to life. And in my eyes, focusing on the latter allows me to move through life with ease and compassion, in alignment with the universe. Besides I have the disorder, it doesn’t have me.

Until next time,
Banu ❤

Published by Luci

Hi, My name name is Luci, I started RNZen in November 2018. I absolutely love wordpress, blogging and posting my creativity. I really believe everyone has the ability to impact the world in a positive way, and everyone has a gift. Through spiritual enlightenment and understanding, we can achieve incredible things. My dream is to open up a meditation clinic and travel the world as a nurse helping others. Enjoy my posts, and leave a comment. Please reach out if you are going through dark times, maybe we can work together to find the light.

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