What am I supposed to do?

Bombarded by the environment, the desires and needs of others. Within me, a small light attempts to shine but is set aside for the needs of others. Happiness is brought when we make room for others and give others.

The light refuses to hide so it shines more brightly to illuminate the path for others. The words echo, telling the light to be more red, don’t be yellow, that’s wrong. Be more still, be more bright but not that bright! Why does the light listen?

Light shines bright red and stays very still and creates the path but feels empty and wrong. Not following the path laid out but giving to others and doing what others want. Unworthiness created ignites the fire. A fire will become wild when uncontrolled. The fire will burn until it feels its done. Despite all mans efforts, a wildfire will sometimes burn until all evidence of life is engulfed. Then the fire goes. Then it’s done.

Life is often like this fire. A human cannot be controlled by others and told what to do in all aspects of life. This can lead to feelings of always doing something wrong. People will not feel fulfilled and do something else to feel themselves. Feelings are meant to be felt, not suppressed or labeled a disease.

The small light wants to be itself. Let it be.

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