Meditation Classes for the Less Focused

  • Meditation promises many great health benefits such as:
  • increased awareness,
  • mindfulness,
  • decreased anxiety
  • increased energy
  • feeling joyful
  • spiritual enlightment
  • decline in dependence of pharmaceutical medication
  • Better relationships
  • More confidence
  • Increased Neurological connectivity
  • decreased pain
  • Healing
  • Peace and serenity
  • Understanding

The problem lies within our minds. We often lack the patience and discipline to focus long enough to capture the amazing benefits meditation has to offer.

People will often begin the practice very enthusiastically. They will assume the position, and initiate the breathing but after a few minutes of sitting silently by themselves they become restless and quit.

We aren’t used to removing all stimulation and distraction from our attention. The act of sitting alone quietly creates a door for thoughts to flow through and a thought will emerge that will cause you to get up and quit. “OMG I have so much laundry to do!” or “Oh no I forgot to call and set up that appointment.”

Another reason for failure is the fact that the meditation posture can sometimes cause discomfort in the back. Back pain is extremely common as we hold the majority of our stress in our backs.

With that, the meditation is over.

I believe every person should be able to experience the benefits of meditation. I struggled with it at first as well and I want to help people reach their potential.

It’s so important to manage stress. Stress is responsible for so many diseases and emergencies. Meditation is the solution.

Contact us to receive a personal guided meditation walk through. Along with that we will personally assist you to understanding the internal blocks preventing you from achieving your goals, provide inspiration and motivation to get your life going. You don’t have to do it alone. Contact our meditation coaches for assistance.

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Sat- 10am-3pm


Located in Akron, Ohio


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