Seeds of Happiness

An illusion symbolizing the minds sanity the size of a seed. It leads to waver between reality the pretense of joy illuminating from nothing. I force myself, submit to convention. The authority over mind absconded by one with no real knowledge of my path, but filled with facts recalled from text. The one who’s intellect surpasses mine.

Blood unnecessarily shed leads to a false belief that I am better. A fight for redemption and freedom from judgement of my true self becomes the particular objective most highly desired. Violence becomes the illusive yet pricey endeavor undertaken for an idea regarded as a natural and rightful possession entitled to man. The flesh forced to conceal the thought. Conscious awareness confesses the mind to reality perceived as normal. If not prisoner of thought, then prisoner of the material.

Outward lies disguised as gift glare harshly like the sun. Yet we remain imperceptive mental prisoners to the presents we’re given.

A rivers stream cannot flow without consequence of earth’s influence. So the mind’s interpretation of freedom remains within the compounds of a small insignificant seed. This seed which possess roots deep within medical jargon, is unlike seeds of our creation. Planted deep within earth it sprouts life, but fabricated seeds hinder the spirit and forbid enlightenment.

Anxiety forces compliance, therefore I absorb the insignificant facade I am told. A prisoner I remain, for pain, they say is undesirable. I am aware, through pain, light emerges. This faithful teacher within grieving is powerful.

A dagger in my heart failed to shed blood upon my birth, nor is anything innate present which can hurt to kill. My Lord forbids it, for through his hands perfection delivers in the seeds.

It is without restraints that pain provides light in darkness. Withheld, I remain suggestive to hippocracy of the fabrications I am taught. Not I, I resist the arrest and scoff the red herring. Only then will blindness awaken to pain’s love. Toss out the unremarkable seeds for they conceal the mind. Found deep within pain is neither darkness nor blindness. To experience pain as a gift is to truly know The divine.

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