The Sun Just Is

To regain the sanity previously possessed by mind requires letting go of understanding why the Sun Just Is. My mind returns to the physical but desperately clings to the spiritual. A struggle within, I pray, will give way to insight of truth.

Scripture recalls the need to live within the spirit rather then surviving in flesh. Living within the spirit is abundance with Jesus Christ. The world claims faith but insists on pushing materials to the surface. To be without, creates criticism from others. This my empty belief, even empty space is abound with loving energy.

Experiences lie within the temple and the evidence of untruth hides behind glass lenses. To exist for admiration of others through negatives confesses insecurities and lack. I must refrain from judgement as it deceives the mind of its true value. Rather I provide awareness out of love and understanding. Within life, moments matter. Stand in the now, make use of the senses. Allow your mind to hold the gift of this very moment. The future remains life’s prediction in flesh. To spirit, the destiny is within the hands of those not afraid to pronounce God’s love. Nothing greater exists.


Residing within a frail glass house, the sightless man finds contentment in all he can’t see. One would surely worry themselves over the mans safety as blindness invites the possibility of injury within. Although he remains obedient to laws, a child does what he is told. Only causing damage to this and that.

Disregard submergence of form in the fragility around him, he walks in darkness and his journey experienced is confined to the physical. Love’s vain attempts at guidance to awaken are harshly deflected and land on the broken glass for which he stands. Pain is present but to consent means acknowledging incompleteness, and realizing HE is only an idea created by the loving kindness of souls closely intertwined. A task dismissed by most, for acceptance is frightening and bestows the surreal enigma that is our truth. Over time however, the broken will all connect and make way for energy in new form.

I pray for his clarity to allow the influential perception that one is never without the other in this physical world. Nothing visible can be present without creation from the invisible. Broken glass can not be made new without every shattered piece and the brilliant mind of an artist.

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