Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Dr. Wayne Dyer was an exceptional human with incredible luminescent knowledge of the physical human life. He devoted his entire adult life teaching others to look inward for the answers to life’s mysteries. Most of society today is unaware and blind to the notion or idea of The Law of Attraction. It took me 30 years to arrive at the doorway of this theory. It is without a doubt the most meaningful and impactful piece of information I’ve encountered. It’s the most honest and real piece of knowledge I’ve gained yet. I hope to open others to this realization so they too can live their best life. So many classmates lost to the heroin epidemic simply because they didn’t feel worthy and were lost. Brought up in a society where we expect things to be a certain way, only to find our expectations crushed under societies stigmatism and reality. I wish they too understood that they can live whatever life they want to and true happiness is found within ourselves and the love we encounter on our journeys.

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