Medication Recall

Losartan is a blood pressure medication used by healthcare professionals in the treatment of high blood pressure. Yesterday 10/3/2019, a manufacturing pharmaceutical company put out a recall notice on the drug as it contained a chemical called NMBA (N-methylnitrosobutric acid). I’ve never heard of the chemical compound before so I turned to my trusted google search engine. Much to my surprise however, only information on this chemical that related to this medication recall. It also mentions that it could POSSIBLY be a carcinogen. Closest chemical I could find online is Methylnitrosobiuret(Compound). The only thing i could find out about that compound is that it caused tumor growth(Leukemia) in mice.

How do you accidentally contaminate thousands of medications with a compound that is most likely a carcinogen? The methylnitrosobiuret compound is lacking the nitrogen group to the compound and it seems to me due to the extreme lack of information, research and study on NMBA, this is a newly discovered chemical. It’s structure is similar methylnitrosobuiret and so they are assuming it behaves similarly as well and has similar effects on humans as mice. I believe the actual chemical that is the contaminant, is dangerous and used in labs to produce tumors in mice for research purposes.

I’m sure it was a glitch but something as important as a medication that is going into circulation all around the world, should be monitored more closely in my opinion. This is interesting, I wonder how close to the original compound this impurity, as they call it, is. Did it have to be added or was it a different type of error? Did someone do the math wrong? Did they accidentally add too much nitrogen, methyline or another chemical? hmmmmm…

N-Methylnitrosobutric ACID

A carcinogen that causes tumors and gene mutation. Found in medication Losrtan(Cozar). Used to induce tumors in mice to find in certain medications would be effective in treating. The result showed median survival.

1-Methyl-1-nitrosobiuret (Substance)

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