The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is an extremely important component to healthy living. People often find themselves stuck in a cycle of unhealthy sleep patterns and find out difficult to break out of that cycle.

It’s much easier to talk about setting yourself a bedtime but going to bed at a reasonable hour is a different story. I’ve tried everything, just kidding….I really haven’t worked on getting to bed on time very hard. It’s so easy to fall out of routine when you are out of work or if you work night shift. Many studies have been done on people who work night shift. From what I can recall, I know women who work nights have a harder time with conception, and rates of depression in people who work nights is higher than those who are up during the day. Interrupting the circadian rhythm can really have dramatic effects on our health.

Our bodies internal clock is called the Circadian Rhythm. This is our biological sleep/wake cycle. Research has determined that human beings required 8 hrs of sleep per night. I meant people including myself don’t get that much. During the night, while you sleep, your body releases the chemical melatonin which aids in helping us fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

Check out the diagram I copied from Google about a typical circadian Rhythm.

Wow that’s not me at all. Mines more like: 12am-thinking of going to bed
2am: shower/bed
6am: deepest sleep
8am:still sleeping
10am: the dog wakes me up
12pm: I’m up
2pm: doing some work around the house
4pm: relax
6pm: thinking about making dinner
8pm: making dinner
10pm: having dinner
Horrible! I’m making the changes with you. I want people to work on these issues along with me.

National sleep foundation

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