Questions for Mind, Body and Soul Awareness

Take a moment to close your eyes and embrace complete silence. Take a deep breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.

1.) What 3 words describe how I feel right now?

2.) What is the biggest problem or hurdle in my life right now?

3.) What is going really well for me in my life right now?

4.) If I could change anything about my life what would it be?

5.) What really bothers me about my life right now?

6.) What is one thing I can do to improve my life for today?

7.) What things do I love about myself?

8.) What is the most important focus of my life right now?

9.) What lessons have I learned this past month?

10.) What is draining my energy the most right now? Is there something I can do to fix or remedy this?

11.) What gets me excited about life? Is there a way I can bring more of this energy into my daily routine?

12.) What do I need to heal in my body right now? Are there steps I can take to make this happen?

13.) What is something that I have always wanted to do or try?

14.) If I could get something off my chest or express myself what would I say and to whom?

15.) When was the last time I felt truly alive and in love with my life?

16.) Who really matters the most to me in my life and how can I show my appreciation?

17.) What are some things that I feel truly grateful for right now?

18.) What is one positive action I can do for myself right now?

19.) What is my biggest fear right now?

20.) What advice would I give to my younger self? Can I follow this advice right now?

21.) What would make me happy right now?

22.) What is the most loving thing I can do for myself in this moment?

Post your responses in the comment box below. You owe this to yourself to gain a better understanding of your inner feelings and thoughts.

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