Welcome to RNZEN

What is truly living?

Thank you for visiting my site!

First I’d like to dedicate this site to anyone who is lost in the darkness of depression. May you find the light of God who will lead you to salvation and true inner peace.

Requesting an introverted personality type to get out and go see a doctor is an enormous feet.  These people have so much fear and anxiety, the thought alone creates false beliefs that initiate a chain reaction. These false beliefs create more anxiety which then may lead to bodily sensations of ailments, body ache, headaches, and indigestion, or even skin issues.  There is a direct link between mind and body. This site is about finding a healthy balance between mind body and soul. I’m a believer of the idea that if your mind isn’t healthy, your body and soul won’t be healthy. The body is a physical representation of what’s happening within ourselves, in our minds and in our lives. Anxieties, insecurities, and unhealthy thoughts always find a way to manafest itself outwardly if not properly handled. It could present as a disease, an ache, a pain, a disability, or a bad feeling. I want to help anyone be the best they can possibly be by living a healthier, happier life, and letting their inner anxieties go. No, it’s not about changing yourself completely into a new person but changing the things around you as well as your unhealthy habits so you may understand how to adapt to a more healthy way of living. Skeptics indicate the need for a rebirth but the task of starting new is monumental for someone undergoing life trauma.

Take time today to listen to yourself and remember your life goals, your ambitions. Take time to remember all your accomplishments and acknowledge yourself for them.

Let go of your failures just tell yourself, “I made a mistake, it’s ok. I’m going to stop fretting over my failures and let go of my insecurities. No one is perfect and that’s the way the world is meant to be.” True perfection only exists within the infinite boundaries of our perception of ourselves and in perspective of the universe of our minds.

You’re the boss of your life, start living!


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