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The way the mind interprets ourselves is huge. This is based on our past experiences, our genetics, our confidence and influences. Past experiences, and holding on to our baggage can really ruin us. Past issues can’t be ignored or just forgotten, try and you will not succeed. These issues have to be dealt with in order to move forward in life. The anxiety this will cause will ultimately hold you back in life. Let go of these burdens by getting the help you so desperately need. Whether you are angry that your parent left you, angry about childhood molestation, had a terrible divorce, lost a loved one. I encourage every person dealing or struggling with some serious issues to truly seek out the help that is needed. Talk it out or you will eventually hit that self destruct button one too many times.You have to free yourself of your anxieties, your insecurities and you will feel renewed.adobestock_185962962_preview1I found that giving my life to God and following the word of our Holy Father, makes my life fulfilled. I also have found that talking to my friends and family about my past issues, helps lighten some if the weight of the baggage I carry. I enjoy painting as a means of stress relief. I’ve also found practicing yoga to be beneficial for both my mind and body.


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What is truly living?

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First I’d like to dedicate this site to anyone who is lost in the darkness of depression. May you find the light of God who will lead you to salvation and true inner peace.

Requesting an introverted personality type to get out and go see a doctor is an enormous feet.  These people have so much fear and anxiety, the thought alone creates false beliefs that initiate a chain reaction. These false beliefs create more anxiety which then may lead to bodily sensations of ailments, body ache, headaches, and indigestion, or even skin issues.  There is a direct link between mind and body. This site is about finding a healthy balance between mind body and soul. I’m a believer of the idea that if your mind isn’t healthy, your body and soul won’t be healthy. The body is a physical representation of what’s happening within ourselves, in our minds and in our lives. Anxieties, insecurities, and unhealthy thoughts always find a way to manafest itself outwardly if not properly handled. It could present as a disease, an ache, a pain, a disability, or a bad feeling. I want to help anyone be the best they can possibly be by living a healthier, happier life, and letting their inner anxieties go. No, it’s not about changing yourself completely into a new person but changing the things around you as well as your unhealthy habits so you may understand how to adapt to a more healthy way of living. Skeptics indicate the need for a rebirth but the task of starting new is monumental for someone undergoing life trauma.

Take time today to listen to yourself and remember your life goals, your ambitions. Take time to remember all your accomplishments and acknowledge yourself for them.

Let go of your failures just tell yourself, “I made a mistake, it’s ok. I’m going to stop fretting over my failures and let go of my insecurities. No one is perfect and that’s the way the world is meant to be.” True perfection only exists within the infinite boundaries of our perception of ourselves and in perspective of the universe of our minds.

You’re the boss of your life, start living!


Tuesday 10/30 ~ What is forgiveness?

Inspirations By Katheryn

The scripture for today, October 30 (10/30), is Hebrews 10:30 as found in the New Testament of the Bible:

05-Joseph-KindleThumbnail“For we know him who said, ‘It is mine to avenge; I will repay’ and again, ‘The Lord will judge his people.’ “

In the Law of Moses, people were expected to avenge those who did not follow the law. The vengeance was to be carried out by the person who had been hurt. Some things were even punishable by death.

But Jesus told you to forgive people so that God, in turn, will forgive you (Matthew 6:14).

What is forgiveness? It is not condoning the bad someone did. Forgiveness is letting go and letting God do any punishing that may be required. Forgiveness is wishing the other person well. You may not trust the other person to not do the bad thing again, and you may forever fear that person. But you…

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Doing Nothing

Feelings of regret and disillusionment plague me as I sit on the edge of my bed blankly staring off into space. I feel pulled back to reality but weighed down by the comfort offered by thoughtless nothingness. Not wanting to turn my eyes, my thoughts are absent and my mind clear. So why do I feel uneasy at doing nothing? Am I wasting my time? What is more important that I should be doing? Always unwilling to be fully present in each individual moment of my life. Giving excuse to my unrelenting desire to do nothing in the moment but be within, leads to the anxiety I feel at the pit of my stomach.

This gives a sense of laziness and anxiety for the lack of accomplishment in the moment. I’m not being constructive in the physical world, and the physical world draws back. The further I pull away, the further the world slips away. I should be doing something constructive, helping people, doing for others, but anchored to the bed my weight feels heavy. My body like a boulder, unable to move. The restlessness within yearns to be useful but the truth within longs to be set free.

Another perspective

I did not write this article, just sharing 😇

A temple we visited while in Sri Lanka.
We today, in the Western world, are very often more busy than we can actually handle. We are constantly on the go, trying to get more done in less time, often losing sight of our ultimate purpose as well as the things that truly matter to us.
Committing to some sort of spiritual practice helps me slow down. It allows me to tune into my inner being, how I FEEL, and what I need in the present moment. It asks me to tune into my breathing.
I know I have overstretched when my breathing is out of sync. It tells me to take a step back, reflect and reevaluate. It questions whether what I’m focusing my energies on is what really matters? It asks whether I am giving my body the respect it deserves. My body that carries me forward day in and day out. Is it being nurtured and nourished the way it needs to so it can renew and regenerate positive life-affirming energies?
I used to be able to push and push until I could no longer go further. The consequences however, were adverse. My body was responding to the lack of respect and gratitude I was showing it.
I would try to rationalize every decision I had to make, unable to get in touch with my intuition about how I actually felt about the situation.
Slowing down allowed for things to change. As I tuned into my body, I recognized the neglect. The need to detox and re-center was very clear. I strongly believe that our bodies, during our precious time on mother earth, are a vessel for messages from the universe and/or a higher power. When our energies out of sync and detached from our inner being were are unable to tune into the power of the universe trying to root for us.
We are often too focused on the obstacle presented to us that we are unable to see the lesson we are meant to learn from it at that precise moment in time. Rather we are often looking for a strategy to fast forward past that obstacle without realizing that the only way out is through. Every time we try to skip past a certain obstacle, it will be presented to us in one form or another at an alternate stage of life.
As I meditated, I could hear and feel the magic the universe was bestowing upon me. I started to live more consciously, with an open heart, mind, body and soul. I could feel the change in energy. I felt lighter, with more gratitude. My creative abilities have been amplified.
My menstrual cycle has synced with the New Moon, signaling alignment with the White Women cycle. I can sense that my body is in alignment with the rhythm of Mother Earth’s natural cycles of fertility and creation.
Knowing how good it feels to be in alignment with mind, body and soul, I no longer push myself past my known limits. I know I produce best when in alignment with my inner being and the universe. The more I respect and honor this understanding, the more I reap the benefits of it.
Knowing that there is a higher power watching over me with love and compassion has allowed me to let go of the myth of certainty and control I used to carry with me. I strongly believe that whatever is meant to be will find its way to me at the right time. I know that there is force greater than me working on my life plan and that I can let go of the need to figure it all out right now and here.
Rather when I sit back and enjoy the journey, learning life’s lessons along the way, all that I need continues to flow into my life with grace, ease and lightness.
So while all of this change has triggered a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, it has also opened my eyes to a higher perspective and resulted in a worthwhile change in my overall attitude and approach to life. And in my eyes, focusing on the latter allows me to move through life with ease and compassion, in alignment with the universe. Besides I have the disorder, it doesn’t have me.

Until next time,
Banu ❤

Light of fire

Often we are bombarded by our environment, the desires and needs of others. Within us all illumination peaks brisk but is set aside for those material things which we recognize as valuable. Happiness is brought when we make room for others and give others.

The light refuses to hide so it shines more brightly to illuminate the path for others. The words echo, telling the light to be more red, don’t be yellow, that’s wrong. Be more still, be more bright but not that bright! Don’t burn like that, you’re not warm enough! Why does the light listen?

Light shines bright orange and stays very still and creates the path for others but feels empty and wrong. Not following the path laid out but giving to others and doing what others want. Unworthiness created ignites the fire red. A fire will become wild given the right environmental conditions. When underestimated, it will obliterate any signs of life. The fire will burn until it feels its done. Despite all mans efforts, a wildfire will sometimes burn and destroy anything in its path. Then the fire goes. Then it’s done, new life is created from ash.

Life is often like this. We must tear down the person we no longer wish to serve and allow the birth of a new us.

A human cannot be controlled by others and told what to do in all aspects of life. This can lead to feelings of always doing something wrong. Feeling like you’re always backwards or doing something wrong leads to insecurities and anger. People will not feel fulfilled and do something else to feel themselves. Feelings are meant to be felt, not suppressed or labeled a disease.

The small light wants to be itself. Let it be.


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